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Guide to the Electrical Connections in and Around the Home

Electrical connections are all around your home. Electrical wiring connects to switches, outlets, appliances, disconnects, meters, and circuit breakers. There are a number of ways to make these

connections, but what we are looking for is the safe and secure ways to make these connections that will last a lifetime!

Loos connections can cause electrical wiring and devices to heat up and are a potential electrical fire in the making. That's why safe and secure electrical connections are so important. In order to make these connections, you will need a little advice and a guide to making proper connections on devices, appliances, and the very important electrical panel connections.

Properly sized electrical wire and the properly sized circuit breakers connected to the wires are very important. A loose connection can lead to a fire and electrical safety is serious business! Please check these connections before turning on power to anything! Take a look now at the many different electrical connections around the home and how to do the projects yourself.

Top Electrical Connections: Appliance Connections

Every appliance, whether it be a counter top appliance like a coffee pot or a major appliance like an electric range, has an electrical connection. Each has a specific outlet and certain breaker size that they are needed to be connected to. These connections are easy enough if you can follow these simple instructions.

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